Are “First Look” Photos Bad Luck?

First Look Wedding Photos

Photo: Getty Images

Every precious moment counts during the mayhem of your wedding day, from your journey down the aisle to the first time your groom sees you in your wedding gown. But is it bad luck to set up your first look photography session before you’ve officially tied the knot? Our etiquette experts weigh in on first look photography and upholding tradition.

The expression, “Your day, your way” is absolutely applicable when it comes to a first look, so disregard naysayers and use your own intuition for the decision. Traditionally, it is considered bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding, and upholding the tradition is well within your rights as a bride. Friends and relatives urging you to indulge in a first look are probably fans of the moment’s romanticism, but the experience is equally magical if it takes place during your walk down the aisle.

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Though first look photography is a growing trend for 2015, it should by no means sway you if your concern is the timeframe. The photography session will take the same amount of time whether it occurs before or after your ceremony, and will likely last a brief time before you make your way to the reception. In addition, your photographer will be happy to shorten the session if you explain your concerns. Ultimately, the most important part of the day is your happiness with your hubby, and if saving the first look until your walk down the aisle is the means to that end, it won’t matter if you lose five minutes of your reception to document the moment.


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