5 Major Wedding-Fashion Faux Pas

Wedding Guest Fashion Etiquette

Photo: Clove & Kin

A bride may have her work cut out in attempting to find the ideal old, new, borrowed, and blue items for her wedding, but guests have an equally difficult task in avoiding wedding-fashion faux pas. From upstaging the bride to dressing for the wrong location, here are five wedding-fashion faux pas and how to avoid them.

1. Wearing Cream or White
Unless you’re attending wedding with a black-and-white color scheme or the bride has expressly stated otherwise, it is safe to assume that cream, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, bone, or white ensembles are off-limits.

2. Looking Lovelier Than the Bride
Though every bride wishes for her attendants and guests to appear as blushing and beautiful as she, upstaging her with a jaw-dropping creation of your is the perfect manner of catalyzing a bridal breakdown. There is a middle way between wearing a shapeless shift and entering the ceremony clad in a Sofia Vergara-worthy gown.

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3. Striking the Wrong Style Note
Your engaged BFF’s taste may not be your own, but your disagreement with her “Hawaiian Shirt Chic” dress code is still not license to run with your own dress code.

4. Dressing to Impress… Potential Soul Mates
According to the precedents placed by a number of romantic comedies, a friend’s wedding is the perfect place to meet your match. However, dressing in your most prized clubbing attire is not the way to demonstrate your jubilation for the bride — or secure a charming groomsman’s number.

5. Disregarding the Location
Ignoring wardrobe warnings about waterfront nuptials or a garden reception could be your Achilles heel — literally and figuratively. If you’re attending a seaside wedding, an extra shawl or cardigan may be necessary to beat the chill, and an outdoor wedding on a grass surface could have you sinking into the mud one heel at a time if you select stilettos.


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