So You Woke Up with a Cold on Your Wedding Day … Now What?!

Beauty Tricks to Disguise a Cold on Your Wedding Day

Photo: Getty Images

You’ve loaded up on Vitamin C, got lots of rest and overdosed on liquids, but it’s time to face facts: You have a cold on your wedding day. First things first, don’t let a cold ruin the best day of your life. Then remember less is more when achieving a healthy glow. “Minimal makeup is the key when working with a sick bride,” says New York-based makeup artist Erica Whelan. With just a few tips and a positive attitude, it’s easy to achieve the wedding look of your dreams. Cold? What cold?

Brighten Up Your Eyes
The good news is bridal makeup is built to endure a few tears, but you should step it up if you have red, watery eyes. “Keep the eye makeup minimal and use waterproof eye products,” Whelan said. Instead of heavy makeup, she suggests a natural looking pair of false strip lashes to help to define your eyes in photos.

If your eyes are red, apply drops before you start your makeup. Whelan also recommends lining your inner lashes on your lower eyelid with a flesh-toned pencil. “It helps to cancel out the redness in your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and more open,” she adds.

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Flaunt a Clean Brow
Besides being the beauty obsession of the moment, a good brow gives you a healthy, youthful look without a ton of eye makeup. Step one starts before the wedding day begins: Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed two days before. Day of, Whelan says brush the hair up and out and fill in gaps with a thin brow pencil. Finish it off with a clear brow gel.

Illuminate and Conceal for Healthy Skin
When your body is working to fight off a cold, your skin can look tired. Whelan suggests light reflecting products to give you that J Lo. glow. First, use a gentle exfoliator and brightening mask on skin. Then prep the skin with an illuminating primer and an illuminating concealer pen to brighten up eyes. A cream blush in peachy pink will add a healthy flush to cheeks and a cream highlighter brushed on the tops of your cheekbones and under your brow will give you a lifted look. If you like a little glow, press a gel bronzer along your hairline, temples and cheekbones with a damp beauty sponge.

Cover Up a Red Runny Nose
A Rudolph runny nose has no place on your big day. Start the day with a steam shower and a cleansing Neti-pot to relieve sinus pressure. After that, it’s all about using the right products, according to Whelan. “Don’t use an under eye concealer to cover up redness,” she says. “The formula is too sheer and your red nose won’t stay covered up for long.” Instead, apply a green colored-correcting primer around the nose. Follow with a full coverage concealer. Finish off with a full coverage powder and you’re ready for your big walk down the aisle.

Chose Your Lip Wisely
You’re already keeping tabs on your cold and your schedule; don’t add a smudged lip to your list. Avoid a bright lip if you have a runny nose, Whelan says. If not, choose a bright blue-based raspberry to brighten up your skin tone and give you a pop of color.


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