3 Ways to Make Your Brides Live Wedding Application Stand Out


Photo: Getty Images

Brides Live Wedding has been open for nearly a week, and we love getting to know all of you great couples! With a little more than a month left to enter, there’s plenty of time to perfect that application. After all, there’s a dream destination wedding in Jamaica at stake — you’re going to want to make the most out of your Brides Live Wedding profile! Here, three key tips for standing out amongst the crowd and win over the voters hearts.

1. Ready your selfie stick.
The application calls for up to five photos, so you only have a few opportunities to look your best! Be sure to upload well-lit, clear photos of you two (cute poses and big smiles don’t hurt, either).

2. Tell us your story.
This is not just a one-liner about how you met. We really want to get know you, how you fell in love and got engaged. Give us your all! We’re suckers here for a sweet story — and so are the voters — so don’t be shy when it comes to detailing the progression of your romance. Whether it’s the look he makes when he’s furiously concentrating or the chill you felt when he first put his hand on the small of your back, we want the details!

3. Share, share, and share again!
The ultimate key to having an amazing Brides Live Wedding presence is by sharing your profile. Blast it out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ — the works. And don’t feel bad about nagging grandma, your kindergarten teacher, and college roommate — you need all of the votes you can get! Don’t forget to use and check on the #BridesLiveWedding hashtag either.

If you don’t want to apply to win the wedding itself, you can still join in on the fun by voting for your favorite décor, wedding dress, beauty look, honeymoon and cake!

Click here to enter Brides Live Wedding now!


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