The Bachelor’s Britt Tells All About Her Awful Exit (and Real Feelings Towards Iowa)

For once, this season of The Bachelor was exactly what Chris Harrison always promises: one of the most dramatic seasons yet. And with the final rose ceremony fast approaching, the drama hit a high note this past week — a two-night, four-hour long Bachelor extravaganza — with one key player causing her own demise: fan-favorite Britt.

Let’s talk Britt: This girl was a clear front-runner from the get-go. She won the first impression rose, consistently received the group date roses, and even stole Chris’s kisses in front of the other girls. Which leads us our second point: She was also doomed to be hated by the girls for being freakishly gorgeous and also for grabbing majority of Chris’s attention. On her last group date, though, Britt did something none of us expected from an unnaturally composed contestant — she lashed out at Chris, in front of the other two girls on her date, for giving the rose to Kaitlyn. It was clear she had cracked, and after an awkward interruption to the rose ceremony, Chris sent Britt home.

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Last night, though, Britt spoke up to Jimmy Kimmel about her time there and cleared up a few things: Yes she did like Arlington, Iowa, Chris’s ghost-like hometown, and she did shower (the girls in the house actually did bring this up as a concern). She even feels like she was the only girl who was honest about her feelings towards him teeny tiny hometown!

“I told him I was shocked about [Arlington], which I was,” Britt said during a video chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. “I feel like I’m the only person that was honest about it.”

Of her major snafu? “I started processing emotions out loud that I think should have been processed inside. I wish I had kept those in,” she said in her chat with Kimmel. “It was just word vomit happening.”

In other Bachelor news, host Chris Harrison revealed how many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples do have sex in that infamous fantasy suite. “If I’m in Vegas and setting the odds,” Harrison said to People, “I’d go so low as to say 67 percent [of couples are having sex].” We’ll have to see how those odds fare during next week’s fantasy suite dates!


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