How to Make an Unexpected Winter Storm Work for Your Wedding

Best winter wedding pictures snow

Photo: Facebook

As winter storms Juno and Linus so kindly reminded us, not even bridezillas can control the weather on their wedding day. However, who’s to say that several extra inches of snow can’t lend extra enchantment to a winter wedding? From twinkle lights to ice sculptures, here are six expert tips on how to make the most of a sudden winter storm on your big day.

1. Capture the Moment
Instead of instituting an indoors-only policy to beat the chill, 5th Avenue Weddings & Events founder Meena Lee-DePasquale recommends popping outside to soak in the ambiance. “Don’t let the storm stop you from heading outside and taking some amazing photos in the falling snow,” says Lee-DePasquale.

2. Serve Hot Drinks
Nothing is more inviting on a frigid day than a cozy cup of cocoa or another warm beverage.

3. Light the Way
Think of the falling snow as a natural work of installation art to highlight as guests enter your venue. “Have your planner set up twinkle lights outside on the pathway to your wedding venue,” Lee-DePasquale says. “As the snow falls and covers the lights, they will give off a beautiful warm glow.”

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4. Accentuate Cozy Details
The chill from the storm outside doesn’t have to seep into your reception. When the temperature outside is glacial, enhance your event’s coziness. “Think warm touches like fireplaces, candles, brick, wool, and warm earthly elements,” event designer Susan Holland recommends.

5. Create a Winter Wonderland Playlist
Make the most of snowy weather by featuring your favorite winter tunes in your playlist. Event designer Matthew David advises, “It’s always great to have the music reflect the weather. Guests are more likely to remember your day if there are links that tie the elements together. Inspire your DJ to spin some tunes that mention snow by throwing out a couple of examples.” David’s favorites include Ella Fitzgerald’s “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” and The Bangles’ “Hazy Shades Of Winter.”

6. Keep Your Bases Covered
Events professional Christine Paul wisely advocates covering your bases before the storm hits. “Have a winter storm emergency plan A, B, and C in place. Don’t leave your guests out in the cold, ever,” Paul advises. “Make sure all events are indoors and proper heated transportation is provided to keep yours guests comfortable.” Last but certainly not least, Paul recommends securing insurance for your wedding. “Don’t risk losing your money, check with your Insurance provider to learn about your best options and get a policy in place immediately,” she suggests.


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