Shop the Store: Etsy

Shop The Store Wedding Registry Etsy

Photo: Courtesy of vendors; Illustration by Christina Park

When it comes time to register beyond the basics, there’s no better place to look than Etsy. Although it can be somewhat overwhelming if you’re not a Etsy-search pro, there are some amazing hidden gems if you’re willing to dig. Here, we did some of the work for you by spotlighting a few of our favorite finds from the handmade section.

For the truly unique couple, we’re obsessed with these gold-and-white leg mugs — quirky indeed, but sleek and modern too! Need a catchall for your jewelry? Add a little edge to that girl vanity of yours with this hand-shaped bowl.

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For the color hungry pair, this geometric, sunshine yellow chair would look perfect on a balcony — or even decked out with pillows and a cozy throw in your living room. Keep the ultra-modern vibe going with this pendant lamp. And for your future summer dinner parties, this festive, teal, hand-blocked tablecloth will help set the mood.

If you that still have that quilt your mom made you in high school out of a bunch of your old t-shirts (you know who you are), it’s time to put it in storage and replace it with this super chic, minimalistic geometric linen quilt. And finally, the true sign of adulthood: buying a time-telling device that isn’t your iPhone. Enter, this sleek monochromatic black clock.

But one of the best things about the handmade section of Etsy is knowing that what you’re getting is one of a kind, and most likely not something you’ve seen a million times on blogs or at your friends’ apartments.

Above: 1. “Nodo,” modern lounge chair, $520, Petrified Design; 2. Wall Clock, modern, handmade wood clock, $46, Zest Strategy Design; 3. Porcelain jewelry dish,, $49, Sculpture in Design; 4. “Blue Elena,” handmade pendant light fixture, $670, Beam Shop; 5. “Linen Topstitch,” modern throw quilt, $350, B Perrino Handmade Quilts; 6. “Handblock,” organic cotton tablecloth, $78, Hokoda; 7. Ceramic Mugs, $72.50 for 2, Barceramics.


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