Should the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?

Father Of The Bride Matching Groomsmen Attire

Photo: Guy Calaf for Christian Oth Studio

Your ceremony may only last for 30 minutes, but wedding photos last a lifetime. So does your wedding party need to wear perfectly complementary looks to create beautiful big-day pictures? For example, what if your husband-to-be and his groomsmen are wearing matching ties, should your dad wear the same one? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

Coordinating clothing and accessories for the groomsmen and bridemaids may be an aesthetically pleasing choice for your wedding, but your father’s attire falls under a separate category entirely. Your dad is performing the task of giving you away to your future husband, so he should be allowed to accessorize as he sees fit. However, there are other ways to create a uniform appearance for pictures. You might suggest a tie in the same color family as your fiancé and his groomsmen to your father, which would appear seamless in pictures but allow your dad to express his own style.

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If it is important to yourself and your groom that your father is figuratively included in the wedding party by sporting a matching tie, make the suggestion to your dad, but remember to honor his wishes if he politely declines.


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