Are Babies in Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s Near Future?

Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine Begin Again Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

Christina Aguilera asked Adam Levine what we’ve all been dying to know: When will he and his Victoria’s Secret super model wife Behati Prinsloo have the world’s most gorgeous babies? The answer: soon — hopefully!

During a press junket for The Voice, the two co-judges started off by talking about Christina’s latest addition to her family — five-month-old daughter Summer Rain. “She’s just gorgeous. She’s so beautiful and she’s so peaceful and awesome and just a gem. She really is,” she told E! News. “[She] just loves life!”

With baby-on-the-brain, mid-questioning, Aguilera turned to Levine after he reminisced that her son, Max, is now seven although he was only three or four when they started on the show, and began an interrogation for the ages.

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“When are you going to have a baby?” Aguilera asked the brand-new hubby and Maroon 5 frontmon. “Hello!”

“Oh, dude. Soon,” Levine replied to her sudden change of subject. Taking over for the interviewer, Christina asked, backing the hunky singer into a corner: “Adam, when is it going to happen for you?”

“I don’t know Christina. We’re looking at the next year,” Adam said in a hilarious voice. “We have some time.”

“Next spring!” she suggested for the honeymooners.

Hopefully it will happen soon! After all, Behati herself said this past July, the same month that she became Mrs. Levine, that she definitely plans to start a family with her hubby. We can only imagine how adorable their family will be, so we’re anxious to see it all come together! In the meantime, it looks like these two are loving married life.


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