4 Wedding Invitation Trends You Need to Know About

Jolly Edition Wedding Invitations

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Whether you’re the type of bride who really likes to stay on trend or who would never be caught dead doing anything that’s too “popular,” it’s important to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of wedding invitations. By doing so you can either get some inspiration (or not!). We turned to designer and co-founder of Jolly Edition, Tom Hart, to find out the next big wedding invitation trends.

Jolly Edition Illustrated Wedding Invitation Trend New

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Weddings are all about the couple and the personality of their celebration, points out Hart. “The archetypal ‘cake topper‘ couple illustration will always be popular because it’s so iconic, but we’ve enjoyed experimenting with busts of the couple’s torsos and playing with natural metaphors for the couples themselves, like the deer and fox illustrations above,” he tells us. “For more relaxed, family-oriented celebrations it’s been fun to be asked to create artwork with more of the family included.”

Jolly Edition Hand-Lettered Wedding Invitation

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Hand lettering
Don’t have a ton of money in your budget to splurge on completely custom wedding invitations? No problem. “While custom stationery might be a big investment, there are still ways to include part custom work, such as hand lettering, which beautifully introduces the nuptials,” says Hart. So what is hand lettering exactly? Essentially, it’s the drawing of words. “Typography is repetitive, exact and mechanized, but lettering has a fluidity to it; its imperfections become the qualities that make it so meaningful to our clients and the reason why it’s become so popular with them,” explains Hart.

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Jolly Edition Woodland Inspired Wedding Invitation

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Woodland Aesthetic
Nature calls! “As more brides and grooms opt for homemade, rustic weddings in their backyards and outdoors, we’re seeing a lot of attention being paid to woodland and natural themes in our work,” notes Hart. Think mountain scenery, wild flowers (and animals), tons of trees and greenery galore.

Jolly Edition Wedding Invite with Bold Colors

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Bold colors
What better way to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd than to go with colors that pop? Hart says he’s coming across a growing trend of bolder palettes lately. “Deep blues, burgundy and evergreens are all getting more lip service,” he reveals. “Wedding traditions have changed and more brides are willing to break free from expectations about what a wedding should look like and to create their own perfect wedding.”


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