Actress Zhang Ziyi Is Engaged — and Her Fiancé Used a Drone to Propose

Zhang Ziyi Engaged

Photo: Getty Images

Now this is an over-the-top proposal in the best way possible! Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi — best known for her role in the 2000 film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon — is officially engaged, and the way her musician boyfriend Wang Feng proposed is out of this world.

At her 36th birthday party, Feng employed a drone — yes a flying robotic device — to deliver the engagement ring to his love, who, couldn’t help but say a resounding yes after such an elaborate (and futuristic!) way of popping the question. At the party, BBC reports that according to Chinese media, Ziyi “said ‘yes’ amid tears and applause from a crowd of onlookers.”

To celebrate the epic proposal and engagement, Ziyi posted to a social media account the message “I do” alongside a photo of fireworks. In response, People reports that her now-fiancé Feng, who’s a rockstar in China and has been married three times previously, adorably wrote back to his future wife: “Thank you for giving me a complete life. All the hardships are bygones. From now on, we will grow old hand in hand.”

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You can see the photo of Feng retrieving his precious gift, to Ziyi’s shock, in a photo posted to Twitter, above. If Feng used a drone for his proposal, we can only imagine the crazy-cool, futuristic elements these two use at their wedding. Holograms? Robotic servers? We’ll have to wait and see!


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