Everything Your Baker Needs to Know About Your Wedding (Plus Questions You Should Ask)

You might think that your baker just needs to know what flavors and the general appearance you’d like your wedding cake to be, but there’s more to it than that. Besides logistics such as the size of your wedding and a description of its style, there’s a few other nitty gritty items that’ll really help your baker create the confection of your dreams. Here, what you need to let her know, and what follow-up questions you should also ask to ensure your wedding cake is everything you want it to be.

When it comes to the wedding cake’s design, a few atmospheric elements will effect your baker’s execution. Think about it: If you’re having a sunny outdoor daytime reception instead of a candle-lit intimate twilight dinner party, the colors she chooses to frost the cake in will depend wholly on that lighting. Besides what the actual light-scape of your reception will look like you should inform her of the decor you’re thinking of using — you don’t want to have tables covered in peonies and yet your cake dotted with ranunculus. Wedding party colors and linen colors are also very important, in addition to the ceiling height (can’t have a royal wedding-style seven layer cake if your venue has low ceilings!) and temperature of the room, which’ll determine what frosting is used.

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Now that you’ve given your baker the essentials, you should also ask a few very important questions such as: What size of cake is best for the number of guests you’re hosting? If you’re looking to save a few bucks, you’ll also want to know if you can create a smaller cake and then a sheet cake to supplement. As for the financials, you should check on delivery fees, whether there’s an extra charge or deposit required for the cake stand and cake and if they’re refundable, and all of your options regarding the cost.


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