Find Out Why Jenny McCarthy Wants to Take Donnie Wahlberg’s Last Name (She Hasn’t Yet!)

Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg Wedding Planning

Photo: Getty

These two can’t stop, won’t stop! Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg continued to spread word that their relationship is nauseatingly cute this past weekend while attending Sirius XM’s Super Bowl party. Unsurprisingly, these two were all over each other, and revealed some scoop about why Jenny hasn’t changed her last name to Wahlberg yet.

“We have discussed it and I am ready to be Jenny Wahlberg,” she told E! News before the big event. “I just haven’t been through the paperwork.”

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Her hubby of five months, Donnie, swooped in to further explain their plans (and prove how loving and supportive he is!). “It should be Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and professionally, Jenny McCarthy,” he explained. “She worked her ass off for so many years to be in the position she’s in her career that there’s no reason to put my name on the back of that.”

She took a second to gush (as she should!) before explaining that years ago she wouldn’t have wanted to change her name, but that clearly changed since she met Donnie. “I remember way back when I was Miss Independent. I would never take anybody’s name and as I get older, I want to be the girl,” she said of her change-of-heart. “I’m so tired of being that strong, independent woman. I want to be dependent and a girl and a wife and domesticated. I crave it after being alone for so long. I want to be Mrs. Wahlberg.”

If you weren’t convinced that they are madly in love yet, these two then forgot they were even being interviewed and started to passionately kiss each other. Watch the sweetness ensue above!


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