Country Singer Eric Paslay Is Engaged!

Eric Paslay engaged

Photo: Getty Images

Country singer Eric Paslay is engaged to longtime-friend-turned-girlfriend Natalie Harker and it’s apparently going to be a very short engagement!

After proposing during the holidays on December 30, Paslay told The Tennessean recently that the couple is planning to get married in the spring. “She’s already got the venue and a dress and all kinds of stuff,” he said. “She’s on it. She’s pretty organized, so that’s good.”

And despite the rush to get this wedding planned, Paslay said that Harker has been anything but a bridezilla. “She hasn’t been a bridezilla, so that’s even better.”

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The two lovebirds met while working at the same publishing company, People reports, and while they’ve only dated for two years, they’ve known each other for seven. “She was the one that got a bunch of my songs cut, heck all of my hits recorded,” said Paslay. “We’ve got a bunch of fun memories together. I keep joking, ‘I guess I have to keep her.’ I’d be a fool to let her go.” How sweet!

When Harker left the company, Paslay explains that their “friendship turned into something a bit deeper,” which, of course, led to their pending nuptials!

Unsurprisingly, Paslay’s one responsibility when it comes to wedding planning is picking the music. Although, he made it pretty clear that none of his own songs will be played at the reception. “Heck no. That’d just be arrogant and awful,” he said of playing his own hits, which include “Friday Night.”


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