5 Random Body Parts That Need Attention Before Your Big Day

Random Body Parts To Prep For Wedding Day

Photo: Getty Images

For many brides, the road to “wedding-day ready” is paved with pilates mats, facials, manicures, spray tans, hair appointments and more. While we’re always advocates for embracing your natural beauty, we also understand the desire to look your absolute best on your big day. We’ve had plenty of chats about how to get your skin, hair, and makeup wedding-ready, but there are a few body parts that are often neglected during big day prep. To make sure you’re fully prepared, here are five unexpected body parts that need a little extra attention before the big date arrives.

Yes, you read that one right — your elbows deserve some extra TLC before your wedding, especially if you’re wearing a sleeveless or short sleeve dress. Since elbows tend to dry out — and look ashy — faster than the rest of your skin, be sure to gently exfoliate, and moisturize regularly in the month leading up to your date.

Many brides consider their skin before the big day, but it’s important to remember that pretty pout as part of the equation. Dry lips will result in cracked, caked-on lipstick, and you have a fairly important smooch to prep for as well!

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While your back might not be on the top of your priority list normally, backless wedding gowns can make this part of your body instantly important. Be sure your skin is clear by using a cleansing body wash and exfoliating regularly. It’s also smart to consider a full-body treatment to prep those hard-to-reach areas properly.

Keep that smile pearly for your big day by switching to a whitening toothpaste and considering a professional or at-home whitening treatment. If your teeth are sensitive, opt for a gentle treatment and use it in conjunction with a sensitive toothpaste.

Generally speaking, armpits just don’t get much love. While you might think, “why worry about ’em, they’re hidden?” you’d be surprised at how many times those ‘pits make sneak appearances in wedding photos, especially when you’re wearing a sleeveless dress. If you’re not convinced we have just two words: bouquet toss. To keep your armpits feeling pretty, consider waxing instead of shaving to limit irritation, and opt for a more moisturizing deodorant to keep your skin supple.


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