WATCH: Hallmark’s New Ad Stars a Lesbian Couple — and the Results Are Adorable

Ready your tissues everyone, because Hallmark’s latest Valentine’s Day campaign is a total tearjerker.

Their newest promotion, dubbed Put Your Heart to Paper, is begging couples to go beyond “I love you,” to express how they really feel about each other. To spread the news, Hallmark enlisted the help of a real-life lesbian couple, and, they’re the cutest twosome we’ve seen in awhile.

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In the commercial, Eugenia and Corinna are interviewed separately, probed about what makes them so in love with the other. Without the word “love” in their arsenal, they come up with some completely heart-melting things that carry a lot more weight that the often overused three-word phrase. Then, they’re asked to watch back what they said about one another, and it’s almost too cute to bear.

“You make my heart 50 times bigger and I’m so lucky to have you,” Eugenia starts out in the video playback. “She’s inspiring to me and she brings optimism into my life,” Corinna continued.

Switching it up to some comforting sensations instead, Eugenia also explained her relationship with Corinna as: “Warm fuzzies, eating chocolate chip cookies all the time.”

While Corinna said: “She means many things to me, she means being excited for the future and the right now.”

You can imagine how much the rest of the video, to steal Eugenia’s words, felt like eating chocolate chip cookies all the time. To get an instant pick-me-up, watch the full video before and check out the rest of Hallmarks adorable #PutYourHeartoPaper campaign videos.


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