BRIDES New York: This Farm Is a Foodie Couple’s Dream Wedding Venue

For couple’s looking for a food-oriented reception space, look no further than Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Nestled on an expansive and beautiful property in Pocantico Hills, New York. Just 30 miles north of New York City, this working four-season farm is the perfect place for a memorable wedding day.

Couple’s that favor a mix of casual and elegant style will feel right at home at Blue Hill. The rustic yet romantic venue has plenty to offer for your big day. For an intimate bash, consider the private dining room, which can seat up to 64 guests. If you’re planning a bit of a larger wedding, the Hay Loft can accommodate up to 250 of your most special friends and family.

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Although the property makes for a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding ceremony, it’s the reception that’s truly memorable. With ingredients for some of the tastiest wedding meals sourced from farms throughout the Hudson Valley, their farm-to-table mentality is one of the most enticing reasons to select Blue Hill at Stone Barns for your big day. To help your guests imbibe in style, the staff at Blue Hill can also create a perfect wine pairing for your dinner.

Whether you wed at Blue Hill or simply choose it for your reception, their accommodating staff is on hand to help you execute all aspects of your big day. From assisting with floral design to suggesting ceremony locations, you’ll be glad you considered this sprawling venue!

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Shop the Store: John Derian

Shop The Store John Derian

Photo: Courtesy of vendors; Illustration by Christina Park

For a couple that already has all their household essentials in place, standard registries can sometimes feel a bit lackluster (how many coffee makers can one duo collect?). While it’s great to have a round up of practical gear on the list, many couples (and guests who want to give a more unique gift) are looking to smaller, specialty stores to accent their registry.

Located down a tree-lined street in New York City’s East Village lies John Derian: a tiny, rambling shop that is a treasure trove of home goods, whimsical stationery and elegant entertaining pieces. With a style that skews eclectic and handmade (but still chic), the store offers a wide range of products from around the world, including handmade decoupage plates, delicate pottery imported from France, and bright Moroccan poufs.

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John Derian Dry Goods (their sister storefront next door) is a textile-lover’s dream. Colorful block-printed pillows from India are stacked next to striped linen napkins and tablecloths. And for the couple looking to invest in larger pieces for their new home, the store offers its own line of perfectly sized armchairs, chaises and sofas upholstered in Belgian linen or velvet.

Here, we rounded up a few of our favorite finds from the store. Register for them using a unviversal registry program like Blueprint and Thankful, or if you’re based in New York City call (212) 677-3917 to schedule an appointment with a sales associate.

Above: 1. Decorative pillows, starting at $100, John Robshaw at John Derian; 2. “String” large print, $480, Hugo Guinness at John Derian; 3. “5 of Hearts” decoupage glass plate, $70, John Derian; 4. Moroccan Pouf, $295, John Derian; 5. “Purple Aster” decoupage glass plate, $62, John Derian; 6. “Pond” upholstered chaise lounge, starting at $2,955, John Derian.

See a Rare Photo from Gisele B√ľndchen and Tom Brady’s 2009 Wedding!

Here’s a seriously delectable evening treat for you: Gisele Bündchen just shared a new photo from her super-secretive 2009 wedding to Super Bowl champ Tom Brady in honor of their sixth anniversary!

In the ultimate #TBT to beat all #TBTs, the supermodel shared this photo, above, of her and hubby Tom Brady looking into one another’s eyes at their Costa Rican reception six years ago. (FYI: They first exchanged vows in Santa Monica, but shortly after headed to Bündchen’s estate in Costa Rica to celebrate.) The most important part of this snap, naturally, is her dress, which we’ve yet to see really well beforehand. It looks like for her big day the model opted for a body-skimming, sequin-embellished sheath that naturally showed off her insane figure. Also in view is their cake topper, the tiniest bit of their yellow cake, and Brady’s cool light beige vest and white pants and shirt.

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In the caption Bündchen wrote” “Magical day! #tbt.” Brady responded on his Facebook: “Gisele, thank you for being the love of my life!” with an adorable picture of him kissing her forehead seen below.

This isn’t the first anniversary Giselle shared a rare snap from their nuptials — last year, on their fifth anniversary, she uploaded the first shot from their wedding, a picture in which Brady is kissing his brand-new wife, she has a flower in her hair, and she’s holding her bouquet.

With the recent Patriots Super Bowl win and now this, these two have a lot to celebrate!

WATCH: A Casual Southern Wedding in Tennessee

We may not say it often, but right now we think you should really take a break from wedding planning to watch one of our brand new real wedding videos. This week, we’re spotlighting Katie and Jeff’s intimate backyard celebration in Maryville, Tennessee. Couples that are planning a relaxed wedding day will love the details of their downhome bash, all of which were expertly captured by videographer Matt Agan.

“I first met Katie (who’s also a wedding photographer) and Jeff at a bonfire on the beach in Costa Rica,” Matt said. “A few days before her own wedding, Katie sent me a message after watching one of my highlight films and said, ‘I just cried. This video is so beautiful and I so wish you were going to be at mine. Can you still come?'”

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With some scrambling, last-minute flights, and weather delays, Matt finally made it to Tennessee just in time to capture the beautiful moments of Katie and Jeff’s big day. Set to “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face, watch as guests mingle before the reception, the couple’s heartwarming first look, and as they celebrate becoming husband and wife amidst their closest friends and family.

Some other particularly poignant moments include Katie’s father holding back his own emotions while walking his daughter down the aisle and as the bride and groom dance with their loved ones under twinkling lights.

From the first kiss to the wedding toasts, you’ll feel like you were there for every moment of Katie and Jeff’s incredible wedding day.

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3 Ways to Help Your Guy “Pop the Question” to His Groomsmen

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, Gift Boxes

Photo: Jenna Kutcher

Being part of a wedding party is a total honor — no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. It’s no secret that brides can (and do!) go all out when asking their friends and family to be a bridesmaid in their special day, but the guys often get overlooked. Give your husband-to-be a gentle nudge when it comes time for him to select his groomsmen and help him create a thoughtful gift when he pops the question this time around. Here, we share three simple ideas we love.

Gift Box
Let’s face it: Some guys need all of the details spelled out. The box seen above is equal parts fun and functional, and tells his groomsmen everything they could possibly need to know before the big day. Include an enclosure with every pertinent wedding detail, including the date, the venue, what the groom expects of him, and what he’ll need to wear. Then comes the fun stuff: This box includes a mini bottle of his favorite booze and a few cigars.

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, Bottles

Photo: Lia Griffith

Dressed-Up Bottles
Your future husband should know his wedding party well enough to gift them with something they’ll really appreciate. As an easy gift that plenty of guys will appreciate is a bottle of his favorite alcohol. Dress it up with tag, like this fun (and affordable!) chalkboard-inspired option from Lia Griffith.

Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen, BBQ

Photo: Natalie Chong of Toast Event Design

Backyard BBQ
One thoughtful idea we love is to throw a casual get-together where the groom can both ask his guys and celebrate with his friends. Event designer Natalie Chong of Toast Event Design created custom labels for her husband-to-be to affix to bottles of beer at a backyard barbeque. When he proposed a toast all of his intended groomsmen then saw that they were being asked to part of the wedding party.

3 New Bridal Nail Ideas from Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Bridal Nail Art

Photos: Courtesy of Essie

Looking for something a step beyond a standard sheer-pink manicure for your big day? These fresh nail looks from New York Fashion Week ride the perfect line between interesting and understated — and look gorgeous against a pretty white dress.

1. Abstract art
Essie manicurist Michelle Saunders created “glamorous dew drops” to complement the embellishment in Jenny Packham’s fall collection. “This is the most elegant nail art,” she says. “It’s like having a pair of beautiful white pumps and adding just a little something special.” Apply two coats of sheer pink nail polish, followed by a drop of coral (or one of your own wedding colors!) on the upper left corner of each nail. Place a smaller dot of bronze glitter on top of the coral dots and on the lower right hand side of each nail. P.S.: Saunders says don’t worry about making sure every dot is perfect — they’re not supposed to be!

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2. Subtle metallics
“Matte gold nuggets” is how Essie manicurist Julie Kandalec described the look at Delpozo. Brush on a matte top coat — she used Essie Matte About You first. Then, with a striping brush, draw a vertical line of gold polish down the center of each nail. Carefully place pieces of chunky, gold glitter on top of the line. Finish with a top coat, but avoid the gold to make sure it stays shimmery!

3. Nude-moon manis
A cooler and more sophisticated alternative to French manicures, nude-moon nails were the perfect juxtaposition to Diane von Furstenburg’s 1940s, vintage-inspired clothing. Saunders applied one coat of light pink nail polish and then used white polish to draw a semi circle at the base of each nail.

4 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding

Sure, you basically determine the ballpark cost of your wedding at the moment you pick the venue. But there are a few seemingly small things you can do to help lower the price, big time. Here, our four tips for how you can negotiate the rates on the exact, amazing wedding at the dream resort of your choice — for less money:

Ask about cancellations.
If a resort has a cancellation of another wedding or even a different kind of event that they were holding space for, and the date is looming, they may be willing to negotiate a lower rate based on the short lead time. (After all, you don’t really need a year to plan your event.) This may be a good choice, especially for couples having a small wedding or those whose guests aren’t too far away from the destination of choice.

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Request a list of what they can give you — for free.
This is an interesting idea. Some resorts, particularly those that do a lot of major corporate event business, may have some things just sitting around that they wouldn’t have thought to offer you as an add-on. These include stuff like chocolate fondue fountains, or even white fairy lights that could even be in storage from the holidays. We’ve even heard of hotels moving an ice sculpture they made for the property’s weekly Sunday brunch up to a couple’s Sunday night affair, at no extra cost.

Let the resort know you’re open to hard-to-book dates.
Some holidays are hard for properties to book for big events — such as the weekend after Thanksgiving, or Mother’s Day. Ask your particular hotel what holidays are their Achilles heal, and what kind of deal they can give you if you book then.

Inquire about what else is going on the week of your event.
If you find out that your resort has, say, a corporate meeting the day before yours, your follow questions should be about their menus, linens, and other amenities. If you like — or can live with! — the dishes that the other event is serving or the linens that they are ordering, the resort may be willing to negotiate as much as a 20 percent discount on your event since it makes their business so much easier.

Are “First Look” Photos Bad Luck?

First Look Wedding Photos

Photo: Getty Images

Every precious moment counts during the mayhem of your wedding day, from your journey down the aisle to the first time your groom sees you in your wedding gown. But is it bad luck to set up your first look photography session before you’ve officially tied the knot? Our etiquette experts weigh in on first look photography and upholding tradition.

The expression, “Your day, your way” is absolutely applicable when it comes to a first look, so disregard naysayers and use your own intuition for the decision. Traditionally, it is considered bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding, and upholding the tradition is well within your rights as a bride. Friends and relatives urging you to indulge in a first look are probably fans of the moment’s romanticism, but the experience is equally magical if it takes place during your walk down the aisle.

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Though first look photography is a growing trend for 2015, it should by no means sway you if your concern is the timeframe. The photography session will take the same amount of time whether it occurs before or after your ceremony, and will likely last a brief time before you make your way to the reception. In addition, your photographer will be happy to shorten the session if you explain your concerns. Ultimately, the most important part of the day is your happiness with your hubby, and if saving the first look until your walk down the aisle is the means to that end, it won’t matter if you lose five minutes of your reception to document the moment.

5 Major Wedding-Fashion Faux Pas

Wedding Guest Fashion Etiquette

Photo: Clove & Kin

A bride may have her work cut out in attempting to find the ideal old, new, borrowed, and blue items for her wedding, but guests have an equally difficult task in avoiding wedding-fashion faux pas. From upstaging the bride to dressing for the wrong location, here are five wedding-fashion faux pas and how to avoid them.

1. Wearing Cream or White
Unless you’re attending wedding with a black-and-white color scheme or the bride has expressly stated otherwise, it is safe to assume that cream, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, bone, or white ensembles are off-limits.

2. Looking Lovelier Than the Bride
Though every bride wishes for her attendants and guests to appear as blushing and beautiful as she, upstaging her with a jaw-dropping creation of your is the perfect manner of catalyzing a bridal breakdown. There is a middle way between wearing a shapeless shift and entering the ceremony clad in a Sofia Vergara-worthy gown.

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3. Striking the Wrong Style Note
Your engaged BFF’s taste may not be your own, but your disagreement with her “Hawaiian Shirt Chic” dress code is still not license to run with your own dress code.

4. Dressing to Impress… Potential Soul Mates
According to the precedents placed by a number of romantic comedies, a friend’s wedding is the perfect place to meet your match. However, dressing in your most prized clubbing attire is not the way to demonstrate your jubilation for the bride — or secure a charming groomsman’s number.

5. Disregarding the Location
Ignoring wardrobe warnings about waterfront nuptials or a garden reception could be your Achilles heel — literally and figuratively. If you’re attending a seaside wedding, an extra shawl or cardigan may be necessary to beat the chill, and an outdoor wedding on a grass surface could have you sinking into the mud one heel at a time if you select stilettos.

Listen to the Best Oscar-Winning Songs for Your Wedding

Oscar-winning songs for weddings

Photo: Getty Images

If you watched the Oscars last night, you witnessed a lot of love going around — from Eddie Redmayne’s passionate kiss with his wife when he won Best Actor to Chrissy Teigen‘s emotional reaction to John Legend’s win for Best Original Song to all of the sweet shout outs in the acceptance speeches. The evening served as a great reminder that, throughout its history, the Oscars have awarded Best Original Song to some of the most romantic tunes ever recorded. With that in mind, we took a trip down Academy Award memory lane and made a playlist of the best Oscar-winning wedding songs.

Let’s be honest — the ’80s and ’90s were the decades of the soft rock power ballad, and the Oscars reflect that pretty well. There’s My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, of course, but there’s also “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King, “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, and “Up Where We Belong” from An Officer and a Gentleman. They’re all a bit mushy, sure, but there’s no denying that they’d all be perfect for the first dance.

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Those aside, there are also some pretty amazing dance songs for the reception that have won trophies. “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire and “Flashdance… What a Feeling” from Flashdance will make absolutely every one of your guests want to hit the dance floor.

If you’re still working on your wedding playlist, now’s the perfect time to incorporate the magic of movies into it! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show — we mean songs.