5 Things Real MILs Have Said That Will Make You Cringe

Mother in Law Wants You to Call Her Mom

Photo: Getty Images

If you think you’ve got a monster-in-law, the things these MILs have said may make you thank your lucky stars!

1. “I got pregnant soon after our wedding — within about six months — so by our one-year anniversary party, I was well on my way to having our first baby,” recalls one bride. “Anyway, at our anniversary party, my mother-in-law thought it was appropriate to tell everyone there that I was much larger — as in, fatter — than she had been six months in, and launched a discussion about how I should try to eat less!”

2. “My future MIL has always loved my fiancé’s ex,” says one bride-to-be. “I know they still talk, because I can see their interactions on Facebook and such. But I was still pretty shocked when I accidentally walked in on a conversation between her and my fiancé, with her asking him, ‘Why can’t you just try to make things with [your ex] work? You’d be so much better off.'”

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3. “I almost wish I could say that my MIL says something to me,” says another bride. “But the truth is, she hates me so much that she barely recognizes my presence. If I ask her a question, she won’t answer it. And if she does, she’ll turn to my husband and respond to him as if he’s the one who asked it!”

4. “My MIL doesn’t mince words,” says a recent newlywed. “She once caught me using a handheld mirror to check to see if I had anything in my teeth, and she laughed and told me that I was narcissistic! Um, no, I just don’t want spinach in my teeth!”

5. “On our wedding day, I remember saying to my MIL, ‘Isn’t this the most amazing day?'” recalls one bride. “And she replied, ‘If you say so.'”


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