3 Ways to Detox Your Skin Before Your Big Day

Detox Your Skin

Photo: Getty Images

If you’ve been pulling all-nighters tweaking the seating chart, it might be showing on your complexion. New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman says lifestyle can take a huge toll on your skin. “Stress can speed up aging, alcohol dehydrates you, sleep loss leads to puffy eyes, and sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin and leads to acne,” she says. But there’s hope for super-stressed skin! Here’s how to get clean, clear, totally glowing skin on your wedding day.

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Deep clean your skin.
This is essential for removing dirt, oil, and product buildup from your pores. Dr. Jaliman loves sonic cleansing systems, like the Clarisonic ($149, available at Clarisonic), which you can customize to fit your skin type. Or, try a detoxifying sponge with charcoal, which helps draw impurities out of your skin, says Jaliman. Her pick: Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo ($26, available at Sephora).

Overhaul your diet.
Sugary, salty, and processed foods can make your face look puffy and tired, Jaliman says, which could lead to increased breakouts. Load up on antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, which have anti-aging properties and can help give your skin a healthy glow. In particular, Jaliman suggests boosting your intake of foods with bright hues for the most powerful results. (A pink grapefruit has more antioxidants than a white one, for example.)

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Get some zzzzs.
The easiest way to get brighter, better-looking skin before your wedding? “Get your beauty sleep!” says Dr. Jaliman. We know, we know, but here us out: Getting a full seven to nine hours a night in the weeks leading up to your wedding can make a huge difference in your photos. “If you don’t get a full night’s sleep, you will see that you will wake up with dark circles and swelling under your eyes,” Dr. Jaliman says. While you’re at it, sleep on two pillows to help reduce swelling around your eyes. And if you do wake up with dreaded puffiness, 15 minutes with an ice pack under each eye should do the trick.


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