Get Your Mani Instagram-Ready Before You Snap an Engagement Ring Selfie

Engagement Ring Manicure

Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to your new, sparkling engagement ring, people are looking at your hands more than ever before. Make sure they’re Instagram-ready with these tips from Sephora nail artist Helen Phillips. The best part? You’ve already got the most important thing down: “A diamond is a manicure’s best friend,” says Phillips. Here are five more ways to make your mani stand out.

1. Prep.
Remove any existing polish, then shape your nails. Phillips like using a four-sided manicure block, which allows you to file, shine, buff, and smooth with just one tool. (Try Ms. Manicure’s Four-Way Smoothing Block, $1, available at Ulta.)

2. Choose your polish wisely.
“You want your ring to stand out against, not compete with, your manicure,” says Phillips, who explains that glitter polish or busy nail art can make your ring look less sparkly. Instead, stick with solid shades (either dark or light works) that won’t jostle for attention in your Instas. Whatever shade you choose, paint on two coats, followed by a good topcoat to help protect. (Try Sephora Formula X Shine, $10.50, available at Sephora.)

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3. Moisturize.
Keep hands silky and flake-free with a rich cream like L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ($12, available at Amazon).

4. Make that mani last.
To prevent chips, reapply your topcoat frequently, go easy on the keyboard, and avoiding getting your hands wet too often.

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5. Wait until the last minute.
Here’s one thing you shouldn’t get a jump on before the big day: your manicure. “The closer to your wedding day you get your nails done, the better,” Phillips says. “The fresher a mani is, the more it shines on camera.”


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