A Perfect Pair: The Best Fragrances for Garden Rose Wedding Bouquets

Fragrance Pairings for Garden Rose Bouquets

Photo: Greg Marino

You’ve chosen a bouquet of your favorite flowers to carry down the aisle on your wedding day, but have you carefully selected a complementary big-day scent? Sure, it might not seem like cause for concern, but your favorite perfume could quite easily clash with the sweet smells of your bridal blooms. To complete your aisle style, we suggest finding the perfect perfume pairing to match your bouquet.

Last week, we shared our favorite fragrances for a Lily of the Valley bouquet, and this week we’re highlight another popular bridal bloom: Garden roses! The classic bud comes in nearly every color, and their scent tends to be just as varied. “They can smell fruity or green, spicy or musky,” says Kurkdjian. We found three fail-safe complements with notes of violet, iris, and citrus that will work with any garden rose.

Our first pick is a light and woodsy fragrance from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. This luminous scent is light enough to be used daily, but special enough to be chosen for your wedding day perfume. With hints of sweet orange and musky notes, it’s simple and classic. “Aqua Universalis”, $177, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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We also love this soft scent from Hermès. It’s nuanced with layers of fragrances like classic rose, orange blossom, and mandarin, all of which will pair beautifully with a bouquet of fluffy garden roses. “Iris Ukiyoé”, $245, Hermès

Our last pick for brides carrying a garden rose bouquet on her wedding day is an opulent fragrance from Tom Ford. You’ll notice top notes of violet leaf, mandarin, and rose, subtle middle notes of butter and jasmine, and barely-there bottom notes of cedarword and suede, for a rich scent that you’ll cherish forever. “Violet Blonde”, $110, Tom Ford

Don’t forget to pick up Brides February/March 2015 issue, available on newsstands now or available for download here, for more great floral and fragrance pairings!


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